Deadly Horizons

Trouble at the Drunken Goat

The adventures meet up at the drunken goat and quickly find they are the only “tall folk” besides Glenin there. The tavern is packed with drunk dwarfs of very questionable character. The adventurers find Glenin sitting in a dark corner of the tavern with no one else around him. The group approches him. Glenin nervously pleas with the adventurers to keep a low profile. While trying to inform them of a dwarven stronghold not too far off that holds artifacts the Kaldin Academy would pay them handsomly for. Things quickly spiral out of control as a few dwarves pick up on the conversation and the adventurers choose not to back down. Insted they opt to goad the dwaves on. A pewter mug flies across the room to strike the groups resident deva in the head and the situation quickly spirals out of control in into a tavern brawl.



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