Deadly Horizons

To the lost mines of Karak

After a bone chilling night in the desert the party awakens before the sunrise to be greeted by a massive sandstorm. Articarius navigates, to the best of his ability, through the troughs in the sand dunes making sure to keep off the high ridges where the wind blows sand strong enough to surely cause damage to those ill prepared that venture in their presence. As the sun begins to rise, and the temperature with it, the sandstorm starts to let up and visibility increases to a mere 100 yards. The party then braves walking over the peaks of the sand dunes in order to maintain a straight heading north.

After a few hours the sandstorm continues to let up increasing visibility to around 200 yards. A humanoid shape is spotted in the distance atop the crest of the next sand dune. As the party approaches they take notice that the shape is one of an old woman in wind-torn robes crawling though the sand. A parched and cracked voice drifts toward them on the wind “Turn back…only death awaits you here…” The party stops as the old woman suddenly picks up her pace and three shadowed shapes rise from the sand behind her. Soon the group has no choice but to fight when the hag and her three undead corpses reach them and they realize that they have wandered into a trap.

The temporary setback with the hag and her minions does not hold up our heroes long, and they soon continue on their way. In the evening after the encounter with the hag they come upon a large cliff-wall in the desert. As they scan the cliff-wall they notice two massive towers cut into its face and between them a large opening that looks to be an entrance into a long hall. Articarus and Sarah the felonious scout forward and find the structures to appear abandon. Down the long dark hall they notice a set of stone doors. Articarus lured into a sense of safety from his initial inspection lights a torch and approaches the massive stone doors. Sarah joins him as the rest of the party joins the search of the hall but stands back a little ways just to be safe. Suddenly from the ceiling a massive rusty portcullis drops and cuts Sarah and Articarus off from their friends. From the ceiling comes a chanting and trough large slits that could only be murder-holes comes a blast of arcane magic that rains down upon Articarus and Sarah. From each side large humanoid creatures appear and hurl javelins at both Sarah and Articarius. Noticing the peril Sarah and Articarus are in Skippy and John quickly try and destroy the rusty portcullis blocking them from their friends. A stream of fire leaps from Johns hands and the bars glow molten hot. Trevor quickly steps forward to strike the bars and they shatter under the stress of his blow.



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