Deadly Horizons

The Village of Dunesend

As the party approaches the gnoll and the behir rush to meet them in the center of the village. The party splits Articarius going to the right Skippy and Sarah going to the left. The gnoll moves to sink his flail into the Deva’s flesh as the behir rears up and lets loose a lightning bolt that sends Skippy and Sarah flying. Quickly Skippy and Sarah regain their feet and rush into melee with the behir. Articarius is left to his own devices in hopes he will either finish the gnoll or hold out long enough for Skippy and Sarah to join him on the battle field. Once within range the behir opens his razor sharp tooth filled mouth and swallows Skippy whole. With the groups Paladin within the stomach of the behir it is up to Sarah to crush the behir beneath her warhammer. The Paladin sheds his magical armor in an attempt to free himself from the Behir as Sarah continues to pummel the behir in melee. Articarius continues to fight the gnoll and they both begin to bleed profusely from numerous wounds. Finally Sarah and Skippy are able to fell the behir and Skippy crawls from its mouth just as Articarius swings his mighty fullblade full circle to lob off the gnoll’s head.

Shortly after the violence has ended a large and muscles blacksmith exits his hut to gather the dead villager’s corpse. He walks with the corpse out of the village into the distance with a few others in tow to perform the burial and last rights of the now long dead villager. The party is not greeted as savors instead they are fearful of what the destruction of the warden and his beast might bring. Articarius asks for an audience with the shaman of the village and is granted the opportunity to learn more of what just happened. The village shaman informs Articarius of the Warden’s alliance with a Queen Shephatiah. The warden claimed that she is the queen of the drylands and has always been for hundreds of years. She has now returned and demands tribute from the village through brute force. The village tried to stand against the warden and many of those who fought him and his steed died. This latest visit ended in disaster as the village has been in a drought and they did not have enough crops to pay tribute. The shaman also draws a map for Articarius to the queen’s lair. He recognizes it as the same map Glenin gave them to the lost mines of Karak. Articarius tells the shaman they will deal with this queen and her minions. Grateful, the shaman grants the party a hut to rest in and food for their belly for the night. Articarius then walks out into the desert to the burial ceremony and pays his respects to the dead villager. Sarah commences her nightly ceremony of filling herself full of wine then settles in for the night in perpetration of the journey ahead. Articarius returns to the village to wash his face for the night and finds Skippy blessing the well and they both return to the hut to eat and rest for the long desert trek ahead.

The next morning the party sets out early into the desert north of Dunesend in the direction of the lost mines of Karak. The sun pounds down upon the party and Articarius feels it the most as he weakens in the heat and slows the party in their advance across the scorching sands. The day passes into night as the temperature drops uncomfortably low. The group makes camp in a valley between to large dunes in hope they will provide cover from the biting cold wind that caresses the desert sands.



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