Deadly Horizons

Journey across the desert sands

The party dispatches the dwarves and their guard dog. Glenin is found rocking back and forth in the corner of the tavern in shock. The group gets Glenin back to his senses and quickly gets him to take them out of “short run” to a temple where they can rest for the night. Soon they make it to a massive temple and are told that there is not room for them to stay in the temple itself, but there is room in the horse stables out back. The party speaks with Glenin again, before he leaves, about their current mission for the Kaldin Academy. Though the party finds his explanation that the Academy has interest in lost artifacts within an ancient dwarven mine only known as the lost mines of Karak they suspect there are also ulterior motives at work in the back of Glenin’s mind. With trepidation the Deva decides he will accept the accommodations after he is able to wash his face for the evening and the party settles in for the night.

The next morning they set out into the Thornwaste and start their day and a half trek to Dunesend. Sarah blazes a path ahead of the party for most of the day cutting through the thorns and brambles that stand in their way. Later when Articarius climbs atop a tall rocky outcropping in the Thornwaste he points the party in the direction of the distance village. Shortly thereafter the party runs into a ranger in the thornwaste who worships a druid lich. The man was clearly unstable and the encounter passes without spiraling out of control. They continue along their path and the Thornwaste finally clears as they approach the small village of Dunesend. From a distance they hear cries of pain and fear so the party picks up their pace. Once they arrive in the village they find a massive Gnoll flanked by a ridding lizard beating a recently killed villager’s corpse with a metal flail. The villagers all keep their distance and cry out as the adventurers approach. The Gnoll raises his bloodthirsty eyes to the party and grips his blood drenched flail tight as he moves to confront these new intruders.



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