Deadly Horizons

And Deeper They Go

Soon the party smashes though the doors and Articarius suddenly teleports 10 feet up past the murder-holes to find a Troglodyte shaman who has been raining down arcane magic upon his friends. The shaman and Articarius battle at close quarters as Sarah, John, Skippy boots barely finish off the shamans guards below. Articarius slays the Shaman but quickly looses consciousness as poison from some unknown curse courses through his veins. The party decides to retreat back into the desert storm to make camp in hopes of nursing their wounds back to health and in hopes Articarius will overcome the poison in ravaging his body. When they awake they find Skippy Boots has disappeared and Articarius has recovered.

The party quickly returns to the Dwarven fortress in the cliff-side. Once there they find 12 ft troll waiting for them. They battle the troll and defeat him and the minions that join the battle after they hear the commotion. After a quick search of the area they push forward to find that the unstable earth to have split a wide crack in a tunnel they were following. They venture down the crack and find a opening into what appears to be a underground cave. Once they drop down the hole they quickly notice that this is a old mine shaft and that they are not alone. From all sides suddenly swarm small humanoid forms pale as the midnight moon and lacking any eyes. The party dispatches the swarm and move forward toward a glow down the mine shaft. Once they approach the air gets hot and they quickly realize the glow is coming from a magma flow slowly pouring from the wall. Sarah spots a small opening in the shaft and they party finds Skippy boots in a cage unconscious and beaten. A troglodyte stands guard and the party quickly rushes to Skippy Boots rescue. They soon are ambushed by more troglodytes as the guard lets out a deep bellow that shakes the very walls of the mine shaft. The party manages to get Skippy Boots free and they fight to victory yet again as their party returns to its full strength again.

After the battle and a closer inspection of the chamber they find a collapsed wall that seems to lead into another mineshaft that has been sealed off due to seismic activity. Sarah climbs up the collapsed rocks and begins to pull free large stones. The wall collapses as Sarah barely escapes getting crushed. Articarius lights a torch and leads the way through a downward sloping mineshaft. As they slowly make their way down this 200 ft mineshaft the air thickens with a smokey haze and the temperature rises dramatically. At the end of the shaft the party can barely see more then 5 feet in front of their faces. A deep voice rises and chanting reverberates from the walls as 3 bright sources of light appear through the haze.



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