Deadly Horizons

End of the line
And Deeper They Go

Soon the party smashes though the doors and Articarius suddenly teleports 10 feet up past the murder-holes to find a Troglodyte shaman who has been raining down arcane magic upon his friends. The shaman and Articarius battle at close quarters as Sarah, John, Skippy boots barely finish off the shamans guards below. Articarius slays the Shaman but quickly looses consciousness as poison from some unknown curse courses through his veins. The party decides to retreat back into the desert storm to make camp in hopes of nursing their wounds back to health and in hopes Articarius will overcome the poison in ravaging his body. When they awake they find Skippy Boots has disappeared and Articarius has recovered.

The party quickly returns to the Dwarven fortress in the cliff-side. Once there they find 12 ft troll waiting for them. They battle the troll and defeat him and the minions that join the battle after they hear the commotion. After a quick search of the area they push forward to find that the unstable earth to have split a wide crack in a tunnel they were following. They venture down the crack and find a opening into what appears to be a underground cave. Once they drop down the hole they quickly notice that this is a old mine shaft and that they are not alone. From all sides suddenly swarm small humanoid forms pale as the midnight moon and lacking any eyes. The party dispatches the swarm and move forward toward a glow down the mine shaft. Once they approach the air gets hot and they quickly realize the glow is coming from a magma flow slowly pouring from the wall. Sarah spots a small opening in the shaft and they party finds Skippy boots in a cage unconscious and beaten. A troglodyte stands guard and the party quickly rushes to Skippy Boots rescue. They soon are ambushed by more troglodytes as the guard lets out a deep bellow that shakes the very walls of the mine shaft. The party manages to get Skippy Boots free and they fight to victory yet again as their party returns to its full strength again.

After the battle and a closer inspection of the chamber they find a collapsed wall that seems to lead into another mineshaft that has been sealed off due to seismic activity. Sarah climbs up the collapsed rocks and begins to pull free large stones. The wall collapses as Sarah barely escapes getting crushed. Articarius lights a torch and leads the way through a downward sloping mineshaft. As they slowly make their way down this 200 ft mineshaft the air thickens with a smokey haze and the temperature rises dramatically. At the end of the shaft the party can barely see more then 5 feet in front of their faces. A deep voice rises and chanting reverberates from the walls as 3 bright sources of light appear through the haze.

To the lost mines of Karak

After a bone chilling night in the desert the party awakens before the sunrise to be greeted by a massive sandstorm. Articarius navigates, to the best of his ability, through the troughs in the sand dunes making sure to keep off the high ridges where the wind blows sand strong enough to surely cause damage to those ill prepared that venture in their presence. As the sun begins to rise, and the temperature with it, the sandstorm starts to let up and visibility increases to a mere 100 yards. The party then braves walking over the peaks of the sand dunes in order to maintain a straight heading north.

After a few hours the sandstorm continues to let up increasing visibility to around 200 yards. A humanoid shape is spotted in the distance atop the crest of the next sand dune. As the party approaches they take notice that the shape is one of an old woman in wind-torn robes crawling though the sand. A parched and cracked voice drifts toward them on the wind “Turn back…only death awaits you here…” The party stops as the old woman suddenly picks up her pace and three shadowed shapes rise from the sand behind her. Soon the group has no choice but to fight when the hag and her three undead corpses reach them and they realize that they have wandered into a trap.

The temporary setback with the hag and her minions does not hold up our heroes long, and they soon continue on their way. In the evening after the encounter with the hag they come upon a large cliff-wall in the desert. As they scan the cliff-wall they notice two massive towers cut into its face and between them a large opening that looks to be an entrance into a long hall. Articarus and Sarah the felonious scout forward and find the structures to appear abandon. Down the long dark hall they notice a set of stone doors. Articarus lured into a sense of safety from his initial inspection lights a torch and approaches the massive stone doors. Sarah joins him as the rest of the party joins the search of the hall but stands back a little ways just to be safe. Suddenly from the ceiling a massive rusty portcullis drops and cuts Sarah and Articarus off from their friends. From the ceiling comes a chanting and trough large slits that could only be murder-holes comes a blast of arcane magic that rains down upon Articarus and Sarah. From each side large humanoid creatures appear and hurl javelins at both Sarah and Articarius. Noticing the peril Sarah and Articarus are in Skippy and John quickly try and destroy the rusty portcullis blocking them from their friends. A stream of fire leaps from Johns hands and the bars glow molten hot. Trevor quickly steps forward to strike the bars and they shatter under the stress of his blow.

The Village of Dunesend

As the party approaches the gnoll and the behir rush to meet them in the center of the village. The party splits Articarius going to the right Skippy and Sarah going to the left. The gnoll moves to sink his flail into the Deva’s flesh as the behir rears up and lets loose a lightning bolt that sends Skippy and Sarah flying. Quickly Skippy and Sarah regain their feet and rush into melee with the behir. Articarius is left to his own devices in hopes he will either finish the gnoll or hold out long enough for Skippy and Sarah to join him on the battle field. Once within range the behir opens his razor sharp tooth filled mouth and swallows Skippy whole. With the groups Paladin within the stomach of the behir it is up to Sarah to crush the behir beneath her warhammer. The Paladin sheds his magical armor in an attempt to free himself from the Behir as Sarah continues to pummel the behir in melee. Articarius continues to fight the gnoll and they both begin to bleed profusely from numerous wounds. Finally Sarah and Skippy are able to fell the behir and Skippy crawls from its mouth just as Articarius swings his mighty fullblade full circle to lob off the gnoll’s head.

Shortly after the violence has ended a large and muscles blacksmith exits his hut to gather the dead villager’s corpse. He walks with the corpse out of the village into the distance with a few others in tow to perform the burial and last rights of the now long dead villager. The party is not greeted as savors instead they are fearful of what the destruction of the warden and his beast might bring. Articarius asks for an audience with the shaman of the village and is granted the opportunity to learn more of what just happened. The village shaman informs Articarius of the Warden’s alliance with a Queen Shephatiah. The warden claimed that she is the queen of the drylands and has always been for hundreds of years. She has now returned and demands tribute from the village through brute force. The village tried to stand against the warden and many of those who fought him and his steed died. This latest visit ended in disaster as the village has been in a drought and they did not have enough crops to pay tribute. The shaman also draws a map for Articarius to the queen’s lair. He recognizes it as the same map Glenin gave them to the lost mines of Karak. Articarius tells the shaman they will deal with this queen and her minions. Grateful, the shaman grants the party a hut to rest in and food for their belly for the night. Articarius then walks out into the desert to the burial ceremony and pays his respects to the dead villager. Sarah commences her nightly ceremony of filling herself full of wine then settles in for the night in perpetration of the journey ahead. Articarius returns to the village to wash his face for the night and finds Skippy blessing the well and they both return to the hut to eat and rest for the long desert trek ahead.

The next morning the party sets out early into the desert north of Dunesend in the direction of the lost mines of Karak. The sun pounds down upon the party and Articarius feels it the most as he weakens in the heat and slows the party in their advance across the scorching sands. The day passes into night as the temperature drops uncomfortably low. The group makes camp in a valley between to large dunes in hope they will provide cover from the biting cold wind that caresses the desert sands.

Journey across the desert sands

The party dispatches the dwarves and their guard dog. Glenin is found rocking back and forth in the corner of the tavern in shock. The group gets Glenin back to his senses and quickly gets him to take them out of “short run” to a temple where they can rest for the night. Soon they make it to a massive temple and are told that there is not room for them to stay in the temple itself, but there is room in the horse stables out back. The party speaks with Glenin again, before he leaves, about their current mission for the Kaldin Academy. Though the party finds his explanation that the Academy has interest in lost artifacts within an ancient dwarven mine only known as the lost mines of Karak they suspect there are also ulterior motives at work in the back of Glenin’s mind. With trepidation the Deva decides he will accept the accommodations after he is able to wash his face for the evening and the party settles in for the night.

The next morning they set out into the Thornwaste and start their day and a half trek to Dunesend. Sarah blazes a path ahead of the party for most of the day cutting through the thorns and brambles that stand in their way. Later when Articarius climbs atop a tall rocky outcropping in the Thornwaste he points the party in the direction of the distance village. Shortly thereafter the party runs into a ranger in the thornwaste who worships a druid lich. The man was clearly unstable and the encounter passes without spiraling out of control. They continue along their path and the Thornwaste finally clears as they approach the small village of Dunesend. From a distance they hear cries of pain and fear so the party picks up their pace. Once they arrive in the village they find a massive Gnoll flanked by a ridding lizard beating a recently killed villager’s corpse with a metal flail. The villagers all keep their distance and cry out as the adventurers approach. The Gnoll raises his bloodthirsty eyes to the party and grips his blood drenched flail tight as he moves to confront these new intruders.

Trouble at the Drunken Goat

The adventures meet up at the drunken goat and quickly find they are the only “tall folk” besides Glenin there. The tavern is packed with drunk dwarfs of very questionable character. The adventurers find Glenin sitting in a dark corner of the tavern with no one else around him. The group approches him. Glenin nervously pleas with the adventurers to keep a low profile. While trying to inform them of a dwarven stronghold not too far off that holds artifacts the Kaldin Academy would pay them handsomly for. Things quickly spiral out of control as a few dwarves pick up on the conversation and the adventurers choose not to back down. Insted they opt to goad the dwaves on. A pewter mug flies across the room to strike the groups resident deva in the head and the situation quickly spirals out of control in into a tavern brawl.

The begining

In the city of Magin our group forms. They are contacted by Glenin who has set up a meeting with the various members in the days to come. He only says that he has a job for a group of experienced adventurers and that the Kaldin Academy will pay them well for its completion. He is tight lipped beyond this explanation and insists that it is not safe to discuss the job further until he can meet with everyone. The only information on the meeting time and place is that you are to show up the eve of the last day of the comming week in a small tavern known as the Drunken Goat.


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